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Clear Lake Trowel & Trellis Garden Club
Special Projects
Garden Display - 2012 Lake County Fair

This year the club entered two gardens;  " LAKE COUNTY PRETTY AS A PICTUE" chaired by Joyce Porterfield  and "SUMMER'S BIGGEST BLAST, GROWING FAIR WINNERS"chaired by Susan Buckles. Their helpers were Russ Porterfield, Jerry Buckles, Leanne Harvey, Jo Douville, Debra Winger, Ginny Cline, Linda Waterstraat,Sharon Reeves, Barbara Swanson  and many others who contributed plants and accessories. They were both outstanding and were awarded a second and third place prize.


Garden Display - 2011 Lake County Fair

Once upon a time in a secret garden, fairies gathered to ’Make some Magic’... Surrounded by Nature’s beauty a fairy tale comes alive in the eyes of two small children sitting on a park bench.   This is the scene created by Susan Buckles (chair), and Linda Leslie, and Suzanne Russell. They spent hours, so many hours creating this enchanting Secret Garden where fairies flitted about; flying through the air, landing on plants, and skipping through the woods. Helpers were: Jerry Buckles, Marva Brandt, Jo Jameson, Barbara Swanson, Leanne Harvey, Linda Waterstraat, & Linda Pyers.  


Garden Display - 2009 Lake County Fair
  Another successful fair garden this year.  The garden titled "Waterwise Garden" was designed by Gerald Shaul and it was a blue ribbon winner.  Pictured are Gerry and his committee. 

Garden Display - 2008 Lake County Fair
  The 2008 Lake County Fair exhibit by our club in the Floriculture Building was in the category of "Let the Good Times Roll" and titled "A Good Time In the Garden".
We were awarded a blue ribbon 1st prize and chosen Best of Show. The committee co-chairmen were Pat Hopper and Leslie Jones. Others that worked on the project were Jo Douville, Barbara Swanson, Theresa Mathur, Jo Jameson, Diane Neilson ,Betty Atwood-Reyna, Gina Belle Smith, June Beto and Jerry Shaul.

Garden Display - 2007 Lake County Fair
  The 2007 Lake County Fair Garden by Clear Lake Trowel & Trellis Garden Club was titled " A Picnic in Tuscany" in the class Passport to Fun - Italy. It received a second place red ribbon. The pictures are of Chairman, Helaine Christensen and her committee putting the garden together. Then the finished garden.

2007 National Garden Club Week Arrangements
  Below is a picture of the arrangements made by Lake Ka-Ba-Tin Redbud Arrangers in honor of National Garden Club Week, June 3 - June 9, 2007, to be placed in thirteen public establishments in Lakeport:

Garden Display - 2006 Lake County Fair
  Thanks to Betty Atwood and her committee for another well done garden. This year's garden Titled "SUMMER FLOWER DREAMS" was awarded a second prize.
  Special thanks go to Pat Hopper for the backdrop mural, Spring Thyme Nursery for the loan of trees and plants, and Gerald Shaul for the garden diagram.   This year we also had an information booth to promote new membership. A very big thank you to all the members who manned the booth during the fair.

Garden Display - 2005 Lake County Fair
  The fair was a success! Winning first prize, a blue ribbon and purple for "best of show". The backdrop was hand painted by member Pat Hopper. Display was assembled by the committee lead by Barbara Swanson

Garden Display - 2004 Lake County Fair
  Congratulations to all who worked on the exhibit garden for the Lake County Fair. We won a blue ribbon again this year. Well done!

Garden Display - 2003 Lake County Fair

CONGRATULATIONS! We won first prize and "Best of Show" for our garden.  Good Job all!

Thanks go to the committee, Pat hopper, the artist who created our backdrop, Gerald Shaul, who made our garden diagram, Pam and Bill Held, Leslie and David Jones, Marilyn Crayton and Randy Kocher, Val Muse, Jan Kespohl, Claire Grieve, Ginny Gunderson, Jo Jameson, Carol Trout, Mary Secord, Sandy Leggett and Nancy Benkleman. Thanks also to all the other members who contributed plants or props. Special thanks to Reta Barker who loaned us so many wonderful cacti and succulents and Kathy and Joe Parker who helped with the garden and loaned us plants.
Barbara Swanson, President

  Hard at Work: Working on our garden display special project for the Lake County Fair, August 28-31, 2003.   Doing Some Background Work: Our project artist, Pat Hopper, paints the background for our garden display.