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Clear Lake Trowel & Trellis Garden Club
Recurring Projects
2012 Civic Beautification - Ely Stage Stop and County Museum
  CLTTGC is partnering with the museum to provide landscaping for the Museum site.

The project will be done in phases begining with the four planter boxes being built by member Gerry Shaul. Future plans include planting California native plants, wildflowers and plants that "grandmother" might have planted outside the original Ely Stage Stop.
2009 Civic Beautification Tour (4-24-09)
  Club members and guests toured the numerous sites in and around Lakeport where CLT&T has put in effort and funds.
The circle planters at each end of Library Park, the magnolia tree outside the entrance to City Hall, the plantings surrounding and the Blue Star Memorial in front of the Veterans Affairs office.  The oak trees, horse chestnut trees and five Bradford pear trees at the new Westside Park.  The memorial Gardens around the Chapel at Hartley Cemetary.  The Hanson-Linder-Dinsmore- Millberry Memorial Grove in Lakeport where we held our picnic at the end of the tour.
Not pictured were the Chinese Pistache trees at the new parking lot at the 5th street ramp and the flower beds in front of the County Library.
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2008 Civic Beautification - Lakeport Parks
  1st week in May, 2008.  CLTTGC donated $500 towards trees to be planted in Lakeport's parks.  These 3 Pistacia were planted in the 5th Street parking lot.
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2004 Civic Beautification - Library Park Flower Planting
  We planted perennial and annual flowers in two large planters in front of Library Park in downtown Lakeport
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