November 2007
Clear Lake Trowel & Trellis Garden Club
November 2007 Newsletter
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Trellis Talk
Est. 1955 November 2007 Volume 1, Issue 3 Mendo-Lake Dist.

President: Claire Grieve

Editor: Linda Pyers

Garden Journaling
by Linda Pyers

Christmas Wreath Workshop:

Each year just after Thanksgiving, CLTTGC members roll up their sleeves to create wonderfully fragrant Christmas Wreaths. And it takes all of us.
Before we even meet at the Grange, the wires are ordered, machines & supplies are pulled out of storage, ribbons bought, bows made and prospective lush greens are being scouted out. The rest of us are busily collecting the orders & money, tallying, preparing refreshments and publicizing this event.

The three days consist of:
Nov 28, 39, & 30, (Wed-Fri)
Sort & Cut the greens into manageable pieces.
Cut greens into 8” pieces then separate into boxes.
Make nosegays & fill the 12 can holder.
Machine operators attach nosegays to wreath wires.
Bows are attached.
Wreaths are sorted by orders.
And don’t forget clean-up.

The purpose of this wonderful project is to raise funds for scholarships (See your Year Book, pg 14, or Chairperson for more details). This is the club’s biggest fundraiser, so sign up for at least (1) four hour shift. Then grab your gloves, pruning shears, loppers, food to share and come join in.
This year we have a cap of 200 wreaths. On the last day (after the 200) everyone who has worked a four hour shift making customer wreaths, can now make one for themselves for a cost of $3 (or $1 without a bow). Please be prepared to pay for your personal wreath at the workshop.

Sign-up sheets for greens and the shift schedule will be posted on the bulletin board.

We need to know what greens are available and where and who will be bring them.


A Stroll Down ‘Memory Lane’
with Katherine Lewis

Long time Garden Club member Katherine Lewis shared memories of her garden club days with Claire Grieve. Years ago, Carol Kesey, Carmen Carpenter, and Katherine had fun and were good friends too. Katherine says she learned from studying Carol and Carmen’s first place and Best of Show flower arrangements that they had entered in the fair.
Why did they get first and she did not – she learned by watching and observing. Katherine won the very first Crabtree Award. She entered every category she could, sometimes 16 flower arrangements. Her kids would say “don’t go in the house, mom is doing her arrangements”. Katherine laughed – “oh, they could come in the house to eat and go to the bathroom – well, you know”.
She won everything she could. She didn’t care for the miniatures – she always liked tall arrangements. She seldom entered specimens. She enjoyed creating flower arrangements. She told of several awards, a gold plate, and one was in 1992 Best of Show for Masters Arrangements.
Then she quit entering in the fair. People would comment to her that they missed her arrangements. That pleased her but she felt it was time to let someone else do that.
She was Secretary once, and attended the meetings regularly. Also she went on some field trips; Erwin would come with her to something special. He would plant a vegetable garden and always planted some flowers for her.

At the September, 2007 meeting, Clear Lake Trowel & Trellis Garden Club presented Katherine with a Penny Pines Plantation for all her years of supporting the Garden Club


Garden Thyme
with Claire Grieve, President

Gee what a busy month for our Garden Club – lots of planning is going on preparing for our wreath making project, some members are working on their “Books of Evidence” for Awards, some members have been busy supporting the KV Kids Youth Garden Club, the flower arrangers are busy thinking of designs for their “mum” arrangements, lots of members are collecting items for the opportunity basket and the Plants & Talents table, table favors are being created for our Christmas luncheon, and many members have worked on the clean up of Millberry Park and Hartley Memorial Garden. We are a very active club and I’m proud of us because of that.

During a conversation last year, Gina and I were discussing how our Garden Club members are like family – “Our Garden Club Family”. And, you know, we are a special bunch – supporting each other with our garden interests and activities and also our personal lives.
Thanks to all of you for supporting me this last few weeks.

See you in the garden,


An Invitation from the District Director
by Gina-Belle Smith

We had a great District meeting.  Thank you to all who made it successful!  North Lake Garden Club hosted the event wonderfully!  The ice-breaker game we played went over very well.  Many of us met new gardeners.  The District Presidents & Chairmen had very interesting reports to share.  Our speaker, Dwight Holford, spoke on Water issues and shared his knowledge and experience.  A few reminders:  Deadlines for awards are Dec. 1st, Jan 10th, Jan 15th.  And "Let's Go Native" $50,000 Grant Program deadline is Nov. 15th.  Check your Golden Garden's Magazine for interesting articles and information to share.  The CGCI website has a new
If you have ideas or concerns, I want to hear from you.  Email or call me,, 707-964-3798. 
Look forward to seeing you soon,

District Director,
GinaBelle Smith


See Diane Neilson, Membership Chair, for your California Garden Club, Inc. membership card. Carry this card with you for discounts at participating business.


New Meeting Times:

Effective for our November meeting.
Social Time: 12 / Flower Roll Call: 12:30 / Meeting: 1-2pm
(Workshop will be 10am-12noon; Programs will be 2-3pm)
Please correct Year Book (pg9). No correction needed for Bylaws.
These changes are an act of the Executive Board.


Garden Club Affiliates:

National Garden Clubs, Inc.
National President: Barbara May

Pacific Region
Director: Jeanette Pruin

California Garden Club, Inc.
President: Robin Pokorski

Mendo-Lake District Garden Club
District Director: Gina-Belle Smith


Newsletter Chairperson / Editor Linda Pyers
Deadline for articles is the last day of each month, but sooner is better.


Gift Basket Drawing Opportunity
Please bring gently used items and unwanted gifts to donate for our gift basket. Hand crafted items by our talented members are welcome. Money raised from the drawing supports the newsletter. Holiday Theme.


Awards Workshop
with Jo Shaul & Mary Secord

Jo Shaul and Mary Secord put a lot of work into their presentation for the Awards Workshop. They came prepared with applications and walked the group through the process.
Jo & Mary also shared a ‘Sample board & books’ at the Oct club meeting. There is still time to meet the 2007 Awards deadline. Some of the award categories are:


Sometimes a Book of Evidence is required. The book is a brief, neat and concise
compilation of facts and information explaining what your project/activity is and how it was accomplished.  Note: the Awards Year is January 1 to December 31. 
For more information: Contact Jo Shaul and Mary Secord,
or www.


Just a reminder: Plant Sale
Thou the plant sale isn’t until Spring, Oct & Nov are the best times to divide perennials. Put divisions in clean (no old can labels) one gallon containers. Label & mark color. Cooler
temperatures and fall rains make for easier maintenance and quick plant establishment before going dormant. In this way the plants will have a head start getting good root systems going and when starting to grow again in spring, will be in excellent condition. Let the Plant Sale committee know if you need 1 gallon containers. Doris Ellsworth.

Christmas Luncheon
Dec 10th, Sicily’s Restaurant,
(new location at the airport) at 11:30 am.
The cost is $15.
The meal choices are the following:
Spaghetti w/meat balls or sausage
Spaghetti w/marinara sauce (no meat)
Chicken Alfredo
Caesar Salad
Caesar Chicken Salad.

The sign-up list has already been posted. Donna Isley is
Chairing this event. Please note this year we will be gifting
our KV Youth Garden Program. See wish list posted on the bulletin board.


CLTTGC Penny Pines:
#38, #39 In Honor of Lila Dowell & in Memory of Robert S Dowell.
#40 In Memory of Susan Blue.
#41 In Memory of Milton Kespohl.


Green Thumbs Up to
1. Jo Saul & Mary Secord for the Awards Workshop. It was very informative and well presented. Thanks for the many hours that went in on your preparation.
2. Sharon Thorne for informing us about “Cultivating Heirloom Seeds”. See her article on pg 13 in Golden Gardens (Nov/Dec 07). Also, “Learn to Love the Vegetable”, pg 17.
3. Jo Douville for all her work managing the raffles & the silent auction. And a BIG THANKS to those participating.
4. CLTTGC for a great attendance at the CGCI Dist mtg. We had 14 members there. Thanks Doris Ellsworth for handling the Plants & Talent Table. Congratulations to the raffle winners. Thank You to the North Shore Garden Club! They hosted an enjoyable meeting.
5. Jerry Shaul for the wonderful stories he has been sharing with us in each newsletter. Thanks for educating us with a flair.
6. Barabra Fain & participants for making all the lovely Christmas bows.
7. Thelma Dangel for acquiring a $400 Grant from “Thrivent for Lutherans” for Civic Beautification.
8. Mary Secord, Jo & Jerry Shaul, Heide Thomason, Claire Grieve & Linda Pyers for the work they did at Harley Memorial Garden. We got to enjoy a warm sunny day outside among the beautiful fall leaves.
9. The Wild Flower Park work party, Jo Shaul, Ann Blue, Barbara Swanson, Claire Grieve, Heide Thomason, Jo Douville, Leslie Jones.
10. June Beto for donating two picnic tables to KV Youth Garden Club


November Calendar
6 Lake Kabatin Arrangers-11am
11 Veterans Day.
20 Paper making Workshop-10am.
Club Meeting-new time.
22 Happy Thanksgiving.
28-30 Wreath Making Workshop
Tues/Thur –2-3pm KV Youth Garden.


Composting / Ecological Gardening
by Andrea Anderson

Years before humans ever began gardening, nature’s flora and fauna not only survived but flourished. For this reason, I look to nature for my knowledge and wisdom, as a gardener. I believe we must get back to basics and back to nature.

When planting a garden, you must first determine what type of soil you need and then what type of soil you have. Heavy soils contain a greater amount of clay and are best for plants that naturally live on or near water sources. Light soil contains a greater amount of sand which is best for desert dwelling plants such as cactus and succulents. Medium soil is what the average gardener considers “good soil” and is best for the majority of garden plant life.

Compost is made from a variety of organic matter, both brown and green, and is added to the soil after the decomposition of organic matter has taken place. Green mulch is any fresh green non-seeding plant material which is worked into the soil before decomposition takes place. Brown mulch is usually brown non seeding plant material which is applied to the surface of the soil in layers and left there for it to break down on its own which takes much longer.

Another way to keep your plants healthy is to maintain proper PH level within the soil. If the PH level is too high or too low, it can make a plant vulnerable to disease and damage by locking up or burning nutrients. The neutral or best PH level for most plants is 7.

Nature also provides its own built-in pesticides and herbicides. That is why we should all learn how to companion plant. This means putting plants with built in pesticides and herbicides near plants which lack these defenses.

So, as you can see, there are many ways to keep your plants both healthy and happy doing it nature’s way.


Christmas Wreath—Bow making workshop
by Barbara Fain

Eighteen people turned out to make bows for our Christmas Wreaths. We have 210 bows ready to go.


Poppy Love
by Jerry Shaul

When I first returned to Lake County I had this mysterious desire to landscape our yard with masses of California Golden Poppies. As a child in Lake County it was the only poppy and although it was never used in the home landscape it did beautify the hills and fields, hmmm---“as a child in Lake County” that tweaked something pleasant in my subconscious. It seemed to prosper in the lean volcanic soils and the warm dry summers. As a cut flower it wilted badly in Mom’s wildflower bouquet. Although the experts say that propagation of this golden beauty is as easy as falling off a log, I found that after four years and one pound of seed one lonely but eager poppy plant miraculously appeared. Later I learned about plant acclimation and that commercial seeds come from far away places. If I had known then what I know now I would have used seed from locally grown plants. After using this knowledge I’m happy to report that I’ve created a poppy-lation explosion--every seed results in a miracle to behold. “Masses of Golden Poppies---as a child--Golden Beauty”

I remember now! It was one of those spring into summer days. The sound of children laughing---Gloria was teasing and chasing me. I bolted and flew down the grassy slope. My bare feet skimmed through the masses of poppies, OOPS! I was falling and there was the fragrance of crushed poppies. Then as promised the bashful, bruised and embarrassed boy was being kissed by Gloria. OH! Come on Jospehine, don’t get excited, it was just “Poppy Love”.


Ann Blue won the silent action & now owns this beautiful Angel.

Two WINNERS !!! Helaine Christensen & Nancy Bailey both were raffle winners.

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy;
They are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.
Marcel Proust

See Master Gardener, Linda Waterstraat for 2008 Master Gardener Calendars

No contenders for the hollyhock contest this year. Apparently it take two years before new blooms appear after seeding.

Sunshine News
by Nancy Bailey

10/15/07 -Get Well/Recovery to Carol Brabrook.
10/28/07 -Get Well Esther Grieve

Please keep Nancy or Claire informed. Also, Nancy needs cards.


Clear Lake Trowel & Trellis Garden Club

The club meets at 12:30 pm on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.
Scott’s Valley Women’s Club House
2298 Hendricks Road
Lakeport, CA 95453



Lake Kabatin Redbud Arrangers:
Nov 6 / 11am. Theme: Mum Show.

Christmas Wreath Orders: deadline Nov 6th
Co-Chaired by Jan Kespohl & Joanne Jameson.

“Let’s Go Native” - deadline Nov 15th.
Civic Development Grant Program
(See Aug/Sep 07 Golden Garden Magazine)

Nov. 20th Meeting: NOTE: New Meeting Times.
10am Paper Making Workshop: by C Deter & A Anderson.
(material cost is $5.00 & bring your lunch)
12:00 Social Time (Hostesses: D Isley, J Kespohl, L Pyers)
12:30-Flower Roll Call.
1pm- Regular meeting.
Just for fun-bring your homemade turkeys.

Christmas Luncheon Sign Up:
Chaired by Donna Isley.

Gift Basket Drawing:
Chaired by Jo Douville.
Please bring holiday/garden donations for basket raffle.
Look for the new Silent Auction donation.

Plants & Talents Table
Chaired by Doris Ellsworth.
Please help—bring items & plants to sell.

Youth Garden Club: Tuesday & Thursdays / 2-3pm, Kelseyville Elementary.

Wreath Making Workshop: Nov 28, 29 & 30 / 8am.
Co-Chaired by J Jameson & J Kespohl
Bachelor Valley Grange, Government St, Upper Lake
(potluck, beverages will be provided)

Lake Kabatin Redbud Arrangers:
Dec 4 / 11am Theme: Holiday, style of your choice.

Christmas Luncheon:
Chaired by Donna Isley.
Dec 10 / 11:30am, Sicily’s Steak House Restaurant (located at airport on Highland Springs Rd, Lakeport)

Garden Therapy:
Chaired by Joanne Jameson.
Dec 11 / 10:30am Clearlake
Dec 20 / 10:30am Lucerne.

No December Meeting: Merry Christmas
See you at the luncheon.

The woods are full of fairies;
The sea is full of fish,
The trees are full of golden leaves,
Let’s make an autumn wish.

Cultivate Kindness, Share Your Garden.