Summer 2005
Clear Lake Trowel & Trellis Garden Club
Newsletter - Summer 2005
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Newsletter Summer 2005

President: Gina-Belle Smith

Editor: Barbara Swanson


In May, our club sent Gina-Belle Smith to Sacramento for the California Garden Clubs, Inc. State Convention. Gina-Belle proudly represented Clear Lake Trowel & Trellis Garden Club as the incoming President. Also attending from our district was our memorable outgoing District Director, Sharon Thorne, incoming Co-District Directors Evelyn Broaddus and Nona Carpenter both of Ukiah Garden Club. In addition, an opportunity to shine was the Club President, Margaret Retherford of North Lake Garden Club, new in Lake County. The California Garden Clubs State Convention had lots to offer in all aspects of gardening, education, seminars, packets of information, network of contacts for support and advice, entertainment, good food and fine company. For more information on state check out

In June we had our club picnic, held at the Clear Lake State Park, it was a blessed beautiful day and lots of good company and fantastic food to share. This was a wonderful time to get acquainted with spouses. Sharon Thorne creatively presented an installation of incoming club officers using trees as an analogy. A big tasty cake was enjoyed as celebration of the clubs 50th Anniversary.

July is the time we are gearing up for the Lake County Fair. Fair chairman, Barbara Swanson and the fair committee are creatively drawing up plans and fun filled garden surprises for the exhibit in the Floriculture Bldg. Last year the club won first place on the exhibit. Club encourages members to learn, grow and have fun by entering the varying divisions in Floriculture. The club will have an outstanding booth on "How you can be a member too". Membership Chairman, Mary Ann Worth will have an interesting eye-catching booth filled with club information. Be sure to stop by and show your support.

In July the executive board and chairmen will hold their first meeting to discuss the upcoming events and goals of the club for the year. Clear Lake Trowel & Trellis Garden Club has lots to offer this year to discover what grows best in your kind of soil and how to fertilize and keep moisture in. Enjoy the thrill of showing your prize plants and floral arrangements at flower shows and exhibits. Profit from the experience of experts, getting new ideas for outdoor planting to compliment your home and neighborhood. We look forward to seeing you soon. MEMBERSHIP IS THE KEY to a lifetime of gardening pleasure.