August 2005
Clear Lake Trowel & Trellis Garden Club
Newsletter - August 2005
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Newsletter August 2005

President: Gina-Belle Smith

Editor: Barbara Swanson

MEET Clear Lake Trowel & Trellis Garden Club’s new President. Gina-Belle Smith.

Born in 1969, Torrance, California. Raised in Humboldt County. Educated in the state of California. Transplanted & Lived in North Carolina 12 years. A North Carolina Master Gardener. Avid pet owner of 4 Beloved Cocker Spaniels, one Jack Russell. Current resident of Kelseyville and Fort Bragg, CA. Married to a talented husband who is business & community focused. A 16 year old step son and one talented, yet challenging daughter of age 15. Still hanging in there!

Want to Reap Rewards? “Sowing Seeds for Tomorrow” is the President’s theme for this years garden club. Gina-Belle Smith believes that sowing seeds is essential in every day life. We sow seeds of faith, friendship, love, charity, kindness, health, and prosperity in everyday life that we don’t even realize! Clearlake Trowel & Trellis will be sowing seeds….of many aspects pertaining to the goals of the club.

Club Objectives: Protect and Preserve our Natural Resources, Promote Civic Beautification, Create and Promote interest in Amateur Gardening, Plant and Bird Life, Help our fellow Club Members with our knowledge of gardening in Lake County.

Hip, Hip, Hooray to the new Committee Chairmen for the Garden Club. They are as follows: Awards: Jo Shaul, Birds & Butterflies: Mary Seacord, Blue Star Memorial: Pam Held, Budget/Treasurer: Nora Gerrard, California Native Flora: Sharon Thorne, Civic Beautification: Helaine Christensen, Conservation: help wanted, Daffodil Tea: Sherry Centanni and Shirley Estrem, Organic Gardening: needs helpers, Garden Therapy: Joanne Jameson, Hostess: June Beto, Horticulture: Lani Brockman, Inspirations: Carol Kesey, Lake Ka-Ba-Tin Redbud Arrangers: Barbara Swanson, Library: Barbara Wirz & Linda Waterstrat, Membership: Mary Ann Worth, Penny Pines: Ginny Gunderson, Plant Sale: Carol Trout, Publicity: Thelma Dangel, Scholarship & WoodsyOwl: Pat Hopper, Sunshine: Claire Grieve, Trees: Doris Ellsworth, Wildflowers: Jo Douville, Wreath Making: help wanted, Youth: Barbara Fain & Linda Waterstraat.

Congratulations everyone…we’re sowing seeds for another 50 years!